Years: 2019
Location: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes County
Surface: 4366 sqm
Qualification: Competition

Project: Finalist for Club Med contest

This project has been designed to preserve the soul of Club Med, that is, to encourage meetings, living together and sharing.

To achieve this, we have used new technologies for practical and constructive purposes. Our desire is to remain, through time, connected to the essential: Man and nature.

Inspired by French art, we wanted to evoke the seat “le confident”, from the Napoleon III period, its sinuous curves echoing the forms present in the mountainous rocks.

The eco-responsible architecture responds to the climatic factors of the region. In this respect, the roof will offer many services depending on the season: ski slopes, a vegetable garden with local vegetables and fruits, or a swimming pool for the summer days. The technical innovation will be provided by solar panels to supply the hotel’s electricity. Drinking water will be collected by water pumps, heating and ventilation will be provided by natural ventilation.

In a world where everything is accelerating, where digital technology is taking over and driving people apart, we have imagined the Club Med of 2059 by focusing on “the essentials”: a place of well-being!