Trained as an interior architect, ELodie LEnoir was born in Paris and has traced her path through multiple projects. Before founding EL’LE ARCHITECTS, Elodie worked as an interior designer for several years as a project manager in one of the most prestigious architectural agencies in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. She is also a member and jury member of CFAI (French Council of Interior Architects).

In 2017, Arnaud Decolle, a trained architect and member of the O.A.I, joined forces with Elodie, creating a synergy allowing a global vision of the project with a unified theme: design and harmonization of space.

Arnaud’s skills serve a common mission: to inscribe each request in an architectural project and create authentic and personalized spaces.
He has experience in major works and heavy renovations, and puts his expertise at the service of the details and harmony of the space imagined by Elodie.

Thanks to the creativity and inspirations of its young and multicultural team, EL’LE ARCHITECTS expresses its talent in Luxembourg, but also in Paris in the service of the 150 projects that the agency has already done.

Over time, the agency has matured its ability to design effective architectural solutions, applicable to specific real estate situations or large residential complexes.


EL’LE conducts all phases of the project design in close collaboration with its own network of technical experts. In addition, EL’LE ARCHITECTS has a proven network of suppliers and craftsmen specialized in the various trades of construction and custom interior design.


EL’LE ARCHITECTS has developed its own architectural style, focused on the volume, the integrated layout, the concern for the balance of the rooms, the axes, the circulation, the light, the place of the final furniture, and the constant search for detail.


Elodie, vegan since she was young, has chosen to express this philosophy of life by favoring short circuits and artisans whose traditional know-how she values.
For EL’LE ARCHITECTS, the holistic approach is a major factor, and it is quite naturally that the cradle to cradle model has gradually imposed itself on the agency.

A large part of what we use, place and build in our spaces is recyclable. The cradle to cradle approach consists in taking into account the entire production chain of a product. At the end of its life, products made of environmentally friendly materials can, in turn, become a source of materials to create new products. The goal of this cycle is to recover pure materials and reuse their raw components.

This process mimics nature, which produces no waste.

Following the example of this new economic model, EL’LE ARCHITECTS offers its clients eco-designed furniture made from recyclable and recycled materials.

Our projects are carried out with the permanent concern of limiting the carbon footprint and to support the programmed anti-obsolescence.